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Could someone please explain to me the different kind of creams out there. Since I've been in Europe these last 10 years and didn't do much cooking and baking prior to that I'm having a hard time figureing out what is heavy cream,light cream, etc.. My local store sells whipping cream, is that heavy cream or light??? If it's heavy, what is light??? I'm used to double cream, single, etc..Thanks, hate sounding like a idiot, but I need to know the differance. :eek:
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Cream is cream IMO
The diff between heavy and light is obviously the fat content...However, I think whipping cream is the American version of heady cream but with a few added "items" (some type of gum) to make the cream whip up into whipped cream.
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Depending on where you live, heavy cream has 36 - 40% butterfat and is used for pastries.

Whipping Cream has 30% butterfat. It doesn't hold as well as heavy cream for whipping.

Light, table or or coffee cream has 18-30%, again, depending on where you live.

Half and half contains 10.5%- 12% butterfat. It's a mixture of milk and cream.

Single cream has 20% butterfat.

Double cream has 48%.
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And Ultra Pasteurized cream (UHT) is crap. Seek out the pasteurized stuff and you won't regret it.
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