Cream of tatar

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I have several Cheese cake recipes for many different kinds and one difference between these and the cheese cake i used to make is no wipping up the egg whites with some cream of tatar. My old Cheese cake recipe used 6 eggs and you would wipe the eggs whites with some cream of tatar and then fold them into the cheese cake batter which made for a light fluffy cake. Can i use this in my other cheese cake recipes specilay the pumpkin one and how much tatar would you use in just 2 eggs?
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Cream of Tartar prevents the egg whites from releasing their liquid.  In cheescakes this soemtimes manifests itself as weeping as it cools after baking.  Purists think adding cream of tartar changes the texture too much.  Its a personal decision, as far as I am concerned.
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Like Kayakado says, the cream of tartar helps stabilize the whipped egg whites. For two eggs, a pinch is enough.
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