Crashing into the Culinary World

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by garrettb, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Greetings, hello and good evening.

    I'm a 21 year old college student blundering my way into the very terrifying and satisfying world of culinary synthesis. I figure I'll be on my own soon, and I don't want to eat like a...well, like a typical bachelor. I went through a couple of scarring food experiences, like traveling to London on a shoestring budget and eating salted peanuts for breakfast, a can of peas for lunch, and summer sausage for dinner, for about seven days.

    I also had a Chef Boyardee binge for another seven days. He and I aren't getting along so well right now.

    So what better opportunity to dig my own hands into some goodies and make something (ideally) superior to canned goods?

    So here I am, intent on shotgunning these forums with many eccentric and hazardous questions. Well, not a flurry of questions, but I think its wise to seek sage advice when its so easily had, especially on the internet. So a question here and there.

    My first passion dedicated to my taste buds was beer, and I usually spend a good portion of my expendable income on fancy imported beers. Very few domestic brews get me excited, and it's usually just awful watching my collegiate peers slam down the usual cheap quality swill. I found that the complex flavors, tastes and palate gave me something of a thrill, and it seemed only logical to bring that in a bit into cooking. The alacrity for good eats (and drinks) that is.

    Well, I believe thats enough rambling for now. It's good to be here.
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    And it's good to have you here, Garrett. We hope we'll be able to help you improve your culinary adventures.

    Besides this forum we have cooking articles, cookbook reviews, recipes and an e-newsletter to add to your edification. A treasure trove of earlier conversations can be referenced with the search button; it pays to peruse them.

    Enjoy the site and all there is here. Welcome!