Craft, on 1/3/02

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We went to Craft (in NYC) for my birthday dinner last night. This is the restaurant where you order by course element (appetizer/main/veg sides/starch sides/dessert, etc.), basic food item (hamachi, veal breast, brussel sprouts, fruit, gnocchi) and basic mode of preparation (raw, roasted, braised, cured/marinated). It was even more complicated when they first opened -- you had to choose the sauce, too. As it was, it was difficult to choose, because everything sounded sooooooo good! And it was. We had:

amuse: bruschetta of white beans and black cabbage

apps: raw hamachi, with a little lemon oil, celery, and coriander seeds; and marinated squid, that had been lightly grilled and dressed with a little oil and some herbs.

mains: both braised: beef short ribs, and veal breast NOTE TO KYLEW: I looked for recommendations on CH and found yours. You were SO right!! The short ribs had a pretty basic reduction sauce, and the veal had a little ginger and some really intense (sun-dried?) tomatoes in the sauce.

Sides: roasted hen-of-the-woods mushrooms (heaven!), braised cardoons, and farro. We'd never had cardoons or farro before, and I really wanted to try them. Yum.

dessert: toffee steamed pudding, espresso panna cotta, and a blood orange (simply cut into supremes). Neither dessert was overly sweet, which was greatly appreciated. Coffee for me, decaf espresso for Paul.

migniardises: peanut brittle, chocolate-covered raisins, caramel popcorn, and apple jellies.

Wines: 375ml bottle of Jacquesson champagne (nv) and a bottle of 1993 Gevrey-Chambertin.

Overall, a truly splendid meal!
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Suzanne, I'm so happy you enjoyed Craft.

I had a great meal there in October,
I think I posted it in the restaurant forum
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I think it is a remarkable place in a city full of remarkable places. In his book, Think Like a Chef, Colicchio talks about the importance of good ingredients. If the ingredients are the best, the preparation can be simple. The night we were there the gnocchi had just been put back on the menu. They had been taken off 8 weeks earlier because he couldn't get potatoes he thought were worthy :) I'm glad you enjoyed your Birthday Dinner!

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