Crab stuffed portobello help

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So I'm adding a crab stuffed portobello mushroom app to my menu and was wondering what the best way to go about precooking/reheating these for fast execution. Ideally I'd like cook time during service to be under 6 min so that they can be sold at 8-10 min. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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I would probably lightly oil and then grill the portobello about 1/2 way. Cool. Stuff. Finish to order in oven.
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I would take each cap, scrape the fins on the inside to reveal the back of the shell, blanch them for 1 minute in simmering water, pat them dry.

Make your crab mixture with some white sauce to hold it together.

Spread the amount in the cap. Create a par stock as these freeze well, but only if you take the time to blanch before.  

When you get an order, the cap goes on a broiler plate then under the broiler. If you don't have a broiler then a 500 degree oven until hot, bubbling and brown.
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