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The food section in the local paper had this little blurb regarding the crab harvest:

This year's Dungeness harvest in Oregon is yielding crabs averaging 2 pounds, a little larger than in recent years, according to a press release. But king crab is a different story. "The entire king crab season lasted only 66 hours," says Gastronomy chef Ty Fredrickson. "We were fortunate to pre-buy our king crab so we will have no trouble meeting the demand."

So what determines how long a harvest season lasts?

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This is a great question.

I think the main differece (besides flavor) is only the male dungeness crabs are harvested and sold. Females are always thrown back.

King crab on the other hand has been so over fished in the last 8+ years (females also) that the recovery time is very,very slow.

As far as seasons go, like anything in the wild there is a time when they are most abundent and have (hopefully spawned)

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