Couronne Bordelaise?

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I'm pretty new to bread baking and have been expiramenting with my new cook book The Bread Baker's Apprentice. Contained within is a picture of a couronne bordelaise but no discussion of how to make one. I was hoping to bring bread into work in a shape that was easy for everyone to sample, and this looked both impressive and functional. If anyone has any suggestions for me, either how to shape this varitation of a couronne or another appropriate shape, I'd love to hear them.

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Although I've never made a Couronne I do no it means crown in French. So I would assume that you would proof 8 (traditional # on a crown) together in a ring shape and then bake. I'm sure some of our bread/pastry people can give you a more precise answer.
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I'm not sure why this shape would lend itself to sampling than other shapes, but they do look cool :)

In bread couronne tends to refer to the ring part of the crown. As Reinhart suggest, just shape the dough into a boule (round loaf), poke a hole in the center and stretch it open. When I saw Reinhart demonstrate this he used the point of his elbow to create the hole :)

You really want to exagerate the hole. It will grow smaller as it proofs and bakes. If you only stretch it to where it looks right before you proof and bake it, it will proof and bake closed.


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As far as I am aware there are two types of "couronne". One is as mentioned-eight small balls formed into a ring prior to baking. The other is the more rustic couronne, as also mentioned- work a small smooth hole into the middle of your boule with your fingers and let your hands shape it into a ring by working the backs of your hands around and around inside the dough until you have worked a wide ring.
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