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Hi all, I stumbled onto this website while researching for ovens..anyway i need help in oven recommendation.

I'm starting a small homebased baking business, mainly selling cookies and cakes (intend to use it for pastry practice too). Therefore I'm looking for an oven which can give me consistent and fast baking. Unfortunately, my kitchen can't accomodate wall ovens, hence I'll need counter-top oven.

My current oven is Tefal Activys OV1002, which has lots of problem; from inconsistent baking to lopsided cakes. I've read some posts on convection ovens that it results in lop-sided, dry cakes and also most doesnt have top & bottom heat to control.

Ideally, I thought if I could get a convection oven which can switch off the fan & also functions to control the top & bottom heat, then it would be perfect but finding even a convection oven with off fan function has proven difficult! 

I really hope I can get some help from here as I've been to many forums but seems like nobody can give me proper advices..
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