Could someone hold my hand and teach me how to make doughnuts?

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Ive looked up several recipes and am still struggling to get my head around how to do. Some us the term "spoiled milk"? and I dont understand how to make it shaped correctly either.

I'm building a menu for a restaurant I'm trying to buy, and am looking for a signature dessert. I thought home made doughnuts with dipping sauces could set me apart..only problem(s) is I'm not a chef, and have never made doughnuts.

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I have never seen a recipe call for "spoiled milk". Old recipes will sometimes call for sour milk, but that is not the same thing. Before pasteurization, milk would sour as it aged, but now milk spoils. You can mimic sour milk by adding acid (like lemon juice), but I would not want to cook with spoiled milk.

As far as making doughnuts, you need to decide which variety - cake or yeast. If you are not familiar with the taste/texture difference, check out a doughnut chain in your area, most carry some of each style. It is easy enough to make a brioche-style dough, cut it in whatever shape you want and hold it in the fridge. Fry to order. Cake style doughnuts are often dropped into the oil using one of those hand-held depositors.
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Hahaha. I'm a masshole and never once heard spoiled milk instead of buttermilk. But donuts/doughnuts are pretty straight forward. Like mentioned above, pick a batter, cake or yeast, and then basically drop it into a fryer and flip half way so both sides are golden. Most donut places (at least here in the North) don't serve you donuts that are anywhere at all near to fresh. They are usually made 12 hours earlier and then chilled and sent to the local Dunkin' Donuts... YUCK. Fresh out of the lard would make most people come crawling back. Oh and for the shape, you'll need some kind of pasta-like dispenser, and just cut the dough in thin segments and drop them directly into the oil/lard. They'll look like little onion rings for a couple of seconds, but then they will expand into the familar donut shape.
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Thanls for the feedback. what ya figure, Cake would be sweeter and the yeast would be the ones I;d have to glaze,yes?

Theres a restaurant down here that serves them as "bag a doughnuts" and they are served in a rolled down brown paper bag on a plate.

I guess I'm looking for a recipe, and wondering how close they have to be watched, and how will the dough hold..I'm gonna have a cook executing them and if its an item thats easy to overcook or in general easy screw up, I may need to scrap the idea.
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Considering another post of yours is for a blackened shrimp, why not do beignets?
Freshly made French donuts sound mighty tasty to me.
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