Could I become a young chef?

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I am a high school student, and I was wondering if I could become a young chef. I love food and watching the food network just because I like how they make the food. Sadly there is no one that can teach me near me, and since I'm in high school, I can't go to a college or university yet.
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There's a high school kid in my culinary program. running start at the trade school
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check to see if there are any high school/junior college that offer joint programs. several places near me offer both, so some young people graduate high school and receive associates degree the same ceremony.
read and do at home. get a classic like "joy of cooking", read it and cook from it. i would not argue with you if you asked to cook dinner tomorrow.
final would be look at what kind of duty and training the military offers. in the navy, you could be helping cook for 100 or 4500. I was on an aircraft carrier that had hot food available 23 hours a day for 4500 personnel. my job on the ship was to make sure electronic parts of the airplane were fixed properly. your job would be making sure myself and 4499 of my closest friends had good food to eat whenever we had the time to eat.
whichever path you choose, good luck
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get a job as a dishwasher, you will know real quick if working in a kitchen is something you want to do
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Like you, I was a very determined kid during high school. Having work alongside my dad at an Asian bistro, I've learned so many traits in both cooking, and work ethics. Being in a kitchen can be a very stressful environment, and can certainly "make-or-break" someone while working. I'm not sure how old you are exactly, but I would definitely suggest doing your research and trying to get into a seasonal job at a kitchen. I find this more beneficial opposed to after-school culinary programs because it will mold your perspective about getting serious in this type of profession from actual experience. However, added education never hurts...

try looking for seasonal jobs at your local restaurants. If not, try craigslist. Just be aware of scam ads.
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