Costco... aka the $100 store!

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So today my daughter and I went to Costco and while I didn't buy much or so I thought I still spent over $100 and honestly I can't even go there without dropping at least one bill every visit. 

Anyone else have that with Costco?

I really do like it and what I like about it is that the products they seem to get in are high end so yes they are pricey but it's still a deal if you think about what other stores charge. 

Today's visit saw us leave with... two pairs of yoga pants (for her), a new blender (that if I had bought it at Sears would have cost at least $20 more), a melamine colander set (my colander is 20+ years old and is getting tired), a case of pop, 2 1L jugs of  hershey's chocolate syrup (she liked it over ice cream and both kids will use it for chocolate milk), a club pack size of smartfood and doritos,  their in store baked multigrain ciabatta buns, new towels for my kitchen  and their own label seasoning that's alot like mrs dash.  Grand total for the visit... $145  

The blender seems to have been a good investment.  I made the kids fruit slushies this afternoon and they both loved them.  My son loved his so much he went to the grocery store and bought some frozen fruit so I can make them slushies tonight and not use the fresh fruit they have for snacks for the week.  I find it as good if not better than the Waring pro blenders we use at work for the fruit cocktails.  Anything that adds more fruit and vegetables to their diet is a good thing in my book.


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there is certainly that aspect to shopping Costco.  My last visit was $35 for various fruits, vegies, milk. As fridge space is tight I go twice a week with the intention of not overlflowing the fridge. As you have to buy in large quantities, I have to shop carefully to not overflow my available cold storage. Milk is a big offender in space. And we go through quite a bit.

I don't know your family size, but with 3 meals a day, 7 days a week for 5 people (105 individual meals there in my case) spending 150 bucks a week is surprisingly economical at somewhat less than a buck fifty per meal per person.   
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We're getting a Costco in my neighborhood by next fall (2011), and I can't wait. I keep reading here about the high-quality meat and other fresh food- although I'm still bothered by the carbon footprint problem with buying from such stores. Another reason is because their employees make living wages. No wonder my friends who live near one report good customer service.
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We do the bulk of our shopping at the farmers market so I only go to Costco when I need to stock up on certain things. There are four of us.. two adults and two teenagers and we usually shop for a month with weekly trips to the market for fresh produce.  Depending on the sales, we generally spend about $500/month on groceries. 

I bought baby back ribs from Costco once, and honestly they were the same quality that I would get at the farmers market, but at the time they were on sale so I went for it.  Otherwise I don't know much about their fresh food.  I do like their in store baked ciabatta buns... those are really good and the croissants (when they're friesh and not two days away from expiry) are good too. 

In my experience customer service has been good... I've never had a problem and the staff seem more than willing to answer my questions or direct me to where I need to find something. 

The next time I go it's for back to school shopping for the kids... not so much for clothes but for paper, pens, markers etc... as it's much cheaper at costco than anywhere else, especially now that both of them are in high school.
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is that the products they seem to get in are high end

I've never been in a CostCo; no matter where we lived at the time there wasn't one nearby. But Doritos? Hershey's Chocolate Syrup? That doesn't sound high-end to me.

You compared the new blender price to Sears. Does that mean it was a name brand? If so, could you share the name, and the proportion of $145 represented by the blender?

How would you compare CostCo's prices, selection, and quality to Sam's? I ask that because with Sam's, unless you really buy in huge quanities (or if they're right around the corner), there's actually a false savings, IMO. Many of the things they carry are the same, or higher, priced than other local stores, for instance.

Last year we saved, according to Sam's end-of-year report, something like $370. Back out the membership fee, and the cost of travel (like a 60-mile round trip), and there's no real reason for us to shop there. Certainly I wouldn't make a special trip.
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Sams is geared more for the consumer as far as food products go . where as costco is geared more to small business (mom and pop type) Costco sells hi end clothing not food Hilfinger, nike etc where  as Sam does not. Price wise both are close re food. Cosco own brand soaps and detergents are rated very high by Consumers Report. There washing machine soap is rated as high as Tide which is the echelon of the retail industry. Service at both are good.I shop at both. Costco meat is all boxed IBP which is now owned by  Tyson and is good.
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I've never been to a Sam's.. there are some in Canada but none near me so I can't draw any comparisons. 

The blender I picked up was an Oster (the box and manual are  already gone in the recycling so I can't tell you the model) but I have seen  the exact same one at Sears and The Bay for at least $60 and I paid less than that. 

My latest shop was an atypical one for me seeing as I had my daughter along.  I do like their store brand of shampoo and conditioner and the laundry soap is pretty good too.  I'm a Gain fan so generally I get the "hernia in a bottle"  pack Gain when I go but I do like their fabric softener. 

For me one thing about shopping at Costco is to know the prices that I'd pay for the exact same product at the grocery store.  I carry a calculator with me (I suck at math) and if their deal turns out to cost more than what I'd pay at the grocery store, it stays on the shelves at Costco.  I do the same thing when I cross border shop in Buffalo.  I will only buy it if a) I can't get it here  or b) I can get it here but it is cheaper in Buffalo. 
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