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Hello everyone,

Do any of you have opinions on corporate vs non-corporate cooking jobs?

I just graduated culinary school in May but I've been cooking professionally for the past 7 years. I've held jobs in restaurants, private catering, and healthcare settings and although the work is stressful it is also fun and getting to help create great food is really gratifying. However, I just recently took on a new job as a food production supervisor at a major corporate food service provider than specializes in healthcare settings and I'm having trouble adapting. I feel like most of my day is spent cutting through red tape. I feel like its so bureaucratic there it wastes financial resources that can be spent on more important things and that the food suffers because of it. I joined this profession so I could cook and help others do the same rather than fill out pointless paperwork. However, I realize I'm still young in this profession and it is my first management job and maybe my expectations were off. I was curious if any of you have worked in similar places. Do you have a preference of a corporate vs a non corporate setting? If so, why do you like it better?

I look forward to hearing your responses!
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Nothing wrong with what you are doing. Different food service operations have different priorities. Try and understand why the place you work in has the priorities it does. All of them have something to teach you. Pay attention to what you see.  As you collect experiences in different settings you can apply what you have learned to new ones. Do this job for awhile as you decide where to go next. 
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The last 4-5 years has seen an alarming number of regulations piled on the backs of small and not so small businesses ( those related to healthcare are the worst) with more to come this year.

Every single regulation comes with long mandatory paper trails proving that said rule is being followed.

The penalty for not having them filed on time (talking about the standard EOB here) is reduction and even forfeiture (thanks Harry and Nancy...OBTW you signed it but did you ever READ IT?) of reimbursement.

I highly doubt that most of these reports are even being read...just chunked into file 13 and forgotten.

Walking a thin line here but the only way this can be fixed is by every single person who can do so exercises their right to vote.

May still be p***ing in the wind but at least you can tell yourself that you tried.


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