Corp Kitchen on a Budget - Used Hood and Exhaust, peice meal, etc

Joined Jun 24, 2011
I am needing some advise on who to call in St.Louis area that might be able to help together  a  corp kitchen for a small company of about 150 people.    They are willing to piece meal it as they go along with used equipment.  They don’t want any fryer but will need a gas store ( 6 burner) and a used walk in too. They want to do a buffet style with healthy food breakfast and lunch like a little Google.

What I don’t know is how things would happen in a retro fit of an existing West County building.. Would an architect have to submit it to health dept?  Can a used vendor do this contract?  The Co has many trades people that can’t do things cheap (like removing a used walk-in an reinstalling it).  They are willing to bonus someone handsomely around their savings.  Any comments would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!
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