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wheat comes in refined and whole varieties but what about corn meal. some packages say whole corn and some just say ground corn. if there is a differance is one more desirable than the other nutritonally speaking i wuld sure apreciate some help with this one thank you
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Here's a few corn facts - hope they help!

Ground corn or corn meal is whole corn that is finely ground and chopped. The nutritional values are equal.
Corn grits is a carbohydrate source. It is the portion of ground corn containing little or none of the bran (fiber) or germ (the small protein portion at the end of the kernel).
Corn gluten meal is a dried protein source. It has a large portion of the carbohydrate removed.
Corn bran is the outer coating of the corn kernel and is largely fiber.

When properly processed, corn is highly digestible and provides high-quality carbohydrates for essential energy.
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Well said Star...but let me throw this in...

If you are making the meal with the bran and fiber and it is combined with ash while preparing the corn for grinding, like say masa harina, it raises the nutritional value of the meal...

I think that the pre-Westerner Indians had a secret nutritional wisdom that we are not realizing until recently...

I wrote an article about this, if anyone is interested I can send you the link...


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