Cornish Game Hens en Papillote?

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I discovered en papillote a few days ago and was thinking about experimenting with this cooking technique.

If I was cooking half a Cornish Game Hen (split along the breastbone/keel/spine meridian, of course), what sort of vegetables would go well with it in terms of cooking time?  I'm thinking mushrooms and winter squash.  Also, should I bard the little guy with bacon for that extra flavor?  I can't seem to find any exact recipes for this combination, or exact cooking times...

Also, as for the vegetables, should I blanch them, and if I do, should I blanch all of them or only certain types.

Thanks for any help!

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So long as you recognize that en papilotte is essentially a steaming technique you'll be ok. Personally, I can't see poaching game hens, which is what you'll wind up with.

I don't see any need to blanch the veggies.
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Mushrooms, squash, a lot of moisture, what would steamed bacon do for it??? Get a nice Salmon fillet with some colorful veggies, you will be a lot happier................Chef Bill
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