cornichons on line?

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Does anyone know of a website purveyor who sells good cornichons? I've heard that Maille is the best brand, but I can't find them anywhere (I did find their website, but you have to send for a catalog, which I did..however, I suffer from the "I want it now" syndrome..!)..since I live out here in the sticks, none of the stores carry cornichons of any kind! Your help is much appreciated!
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since you stated you live out in the sticks... have you taken the time to look for the actual cucumbers themselves and then make your own cornichons... I dont know your climate, but its been my experience that the best places to find produce is right at the source...out in the sticks
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Amen. And if you need a recipe, I would be more than happy to give you one. Sometimes the wait is a good thing :)
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