corn, yum

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the best possile extraction of flavor...
steaping corn cob in cream
cor cob in a stock, like addition to fumet

i want a lighter flavor but only the maximum corn flavor, so im going to opt out on roasting it. maybe lightly sweat with aromatics.

this is only a small part of my rough draft recipe, but crucial, it sets the pace of how the flavor and texture moves forward. Stripping of the kernels, puree half and the the rest whole. utilizing the cob for flavor.

any feed back is much appreciated
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The broth will definitely be lighter and you'll still get good flavor -I have it in a salmon set-but you'll get more flavor out of the cream or milk and cream steeping. Maybe because of the fat? I did a coconut creamed corn that was bursting with corniness. Be sure to ring the cobs out after steeping.
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