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Having problems with corn tortillas cracking. I've tried heating the tortilla using the following methods:
1) heating them in a pan on the stove.

2) leaving them in their bag and steaming them.

3) leaving them in their bag and microwaving them.

..still cracked

What is the best way to heat a corn tortilla????

Also, I need to prep these in advance, place them in a half pan, top with shred cheese, covered with plastic, bring back to temp, and top with salsa. Considering the above, what do you think would be the BEST way to bring these back to temp? A steam? An auto shaam using steam and heat?
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I once saw a Food 911 episode when a firefighter/cook was trying to get his enchiladas to roll up without cracking. Tyler Florence had him par-fry them in hot vegetable oil. Did the trick.


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Sounds like your tortillas are old and have dried out too much. They may have sat on the shelf, at the store too long. If you can, find a store where any Mexicans in your area shop. They will have decent turn over of their product.

If that is not a possibility, then there are a couple of options. Like Tyler on Food 911 you can quickly par-fry them, and I do mean quickly. Take a stack of 4-5 tortillas, grab them with tongs and quickly immerse them in hot oil, for 3-5 seconds and then drain them. This is the method I was taught at the Southwestern place I worked at and have seen many mexicans use. Also you can dip them in warm enchilada sauce and let them sit for about 3-4 minutes before rolling them.
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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I'm going to test both of these method tomorrow. I imagin I should lightly grease my sheet pan to avoid sticking if I soften the tortillas in
sauce only???
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