Corn torillas - what am I missing???

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This seems so simple.. and, still  I'm stumped.  How is it that the "perfect" corn tortilla is supposed to have little bubbles rising up when they cook?  Thr recipe is only corn masa and water...there's no baking soda whatsoever in the mix. I've made several batches, and while they taste pretty good, I think they seem a bit "raw", even after cooking for about a minute each side.  And I never, ever, get bubbles.

What am I missing?  The corn masa I'm using does contain lime... if that helps.  I'm using a super-hot cast iron skillet that I've seasoned for HOURS. 

Any help would be most appreciated.
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Maybe too much mix in the pan, or pan not hot enough, or both?  Maybe someone with more experience could chime in........


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Half the battle is rolling them thinly. Most corn tortillas are made with a press to get it nice and thin.
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I have yet to make a perfect looking tortilla. I just got a press from a yard sale and haven't seen if it makes any difference compared to using a rolling pin, yet. Been a little busy, The few times I have made them I got decent to great flavor and texture but the shape wasn't round exactly and it only kinda bubbled a bit. Thinner is better, it's just harder to remove off the plastic wrap or wax paper without tearing. best of luck.

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Since corn meal has no natural glutton I cheat by add a little flour just enough as to no corrupt the tasted but just enough so the dough sticks together. I also add salt and pepper which gives them a best taste.
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