Corn Silk and Corn Kernels

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I have tried everything I can think of to remove corn silk from the ears: brushes, sponges, and fingers; dry and running water. Nothing seems to do a very good job. I have also tried different ways of removing the kernels from the cob but they always come out different sizes and more or less in pieces.

The companies that can and freeze corn seem to have figured out how to prepare it cleanly and neatly. Does anybody know how they do it, and if their methods can be duplicated at home?
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There is no perfect way. I have had good success at pulling silk off with the shuck and then giving the ear an "Indian Burn" kind of rub to get the stubborn silks. Just watched a bit on history channell concerning corn, apparently the "Combine" tractor shucks desilks and can remove it down to individual kernels before it even leaves the farm. Myself, I get various size kernels mostly from where it is on the ear and how deeply i cut it off. in commercial canning they can "waste" imperfect kernels in cream corn, taking only the best or at least the same size for niblet.
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I normally bake corn in the oven or on open fire still jacketed in their husks.  I have found that removing the silks after cooking is waay easier.
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