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So, what do you folks think of using the water you used for boiling your corn to make corn chowder? Would be interesting wouldn't it?
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This my first post and I would use the water for any soup or chowder you want it has the all the vitamins in it with the flavor.
I would also grade some of the corn cobs to get the milk out( grade raw) and then cook the cobs for flavor
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If it's just the water from cooking corn, I don't think it will add all that much. (Sorry, my friend.) Mainly because there has been such a short contact between the water and the corn.

When I had to make corn stock for a cream soup, I had to scrape the kernels off and chop the cobs into small pieces; boil them both with a few aromatics; strain, then re-cook the strained liquid with fresh cobs (kind of remouillage in reverse). Strain again, add and cook fresh kernels, strain them out and puree them, pass the whole thing through a chinois, add cream, and season.
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Even after the 3-4 minutes it takes to simmer corn, my corn 'stock' has a decent amount of flavor. At least it looks/smells like it does. Maybe if you reduced it a bit. The question is, though, will the corn flavor be degraded in some way by prolonged cooking? I'd hate to have the reduced stock end up with an overcooked canned creamed corn note to it.

*shuddering at the thought of canned creamed corn*
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Well, scott, you could be right. To be honest, it's a long time since I cooked fresh corn at home in a big pot of water; corn is one of the few things I actually prefer to cook in the microwave.

But please, don't be a snob about canned creamed corn! There are some excellent custardy cornbread recipes that use it, they just wouldn't be as good without it. ;)

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