Cordon Bleu?

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    Yea... my question is pretty straight forward- is Cordon BLeu worth attending of any other better choices>
    (yes i understand this school is like ... expensive and stuff...)

    but i just want to know.. worth it? versus other schools

    <currently in college... going to get a 1 year culinary course + already have foundation in pastry as well as kitchen.. just need a certificate and some more detailed/ professional lessons>

    another one is.. does it matter which Cordon Bleu I attend? cuz I would prefer the one in Canada.. but ofcourse Paris would be nice (if it makes any difference... just that i dont speak french as of yet)
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    I did LCB Paris. Best decision in my life.
    Didnt speak french. No problem. All demos are with a transelator.

    Most of the students dont speak much french when they arrive, but after a few months you get the hang of it.

    I see you,re from Hong Kong. I think there are more chinese speaking then french speaking students at LCB Paris. Seriously.

    The education is focusing one 1 thing..... make you succeed in the culinary industry. And you will with an exam from LCB PARIS.

    It means something.

    If its better than other schools.... I dont know, but I do know that LCB Paris graduates are sought after.

    Contact them. They even have a chinese administartor that can fill you in on the details if desired.

    Good luck what ever you decide :)
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