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So what you think, just a gimmick and crap. Is al clad the best way to go. Also try ply, disc or full core
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It's nice ... for what it is.

It's not pro-line stuff ... LOL ... NO way. ... But you're not paying proline prices either. "AS SEEN ON TV" ... you get what you get. It's cool ... FOR HOME PEOPLE. ... Not pros. My opinion.

... I'm also the guy that likes Ginsu knives ... for what they are.

"We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.".
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Depends on the kind of person you are.

Me, I'm addicted to those infomercial stuff. I know they usually get worse with each use, but by the time I'm ready to throw them out, a new product with even better innovations is usually already advertising on TV. They are cheap enough that I don't mind replacing them often.

But if you are more the type that like to have a favourite/trusty item you can go back to every time you cook, then All-Clad would be the default choice.

In general, for even cooking and good heat retention, thickness is more important than the number of plies. For low and slow cooking, fully-clad is better than disc bottom. Exceptions abound, however.
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