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i am looking for cookware, and i have decided that 18/10 stainless (with a sandwich bottom for heat conduction) is best for my needs and budget. most of the cookware has an aluminum core in the bottom, but i have come across a set that has a copper core instead. The reviews i have read about the copper core on this brand are really outstanding. however, the same company also makes a line with aluminum core that has a bit higher Suggested retail price and is entitled "chef's classic." this gives me the impression that the aluminum core is better. i haven't really found any other sets with a copper core (not bottom) other than this- so there is not a lot of information to compare the two. i read that both copper and aluminum are good heat conductors and a thicker core is good for even better heat distribution (which you can find with aluminum). is one significantly better than the other?
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Dear Chef Wifey,

Try the Equipment Forum. There have been many conversations about cookware, some recent and others previously. Use the search button to locate the older threads if necessary.

Happy hunting,
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My only comments are to
  1. Find and use a restaurant supply store in your area and,
  2. avoid the Emeril, or Wolfgang, Martha, etc. products.
All good products but you of course pay a premium for the name :mad:
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Lets instead pay a premium to have "restaurant quality" instead.

Everything's expensive in those Rest. Supply places.

BTW if you need oriental cookery, just go to a big asian market... good stuff, inexpensive.
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Maybe you're looking in the wrong ones! The ones I have always dealt with are very reasonable and far cheaper than the ones attached to a popular chef.
"Restaurant quality" isn't all copper pans and 18/10 SS!
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Thanks!! This is exactly what I was looking for! This really breaks down the science of the cookware. I was so glad someone had taken that much time to relay all that good information to others! I definitely benefited from that site!
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>Everything's expensive in those Rest. Supply places.

I have to go with chrose on that one too. I find restaurant supply places to be quite reasonable - most often less expensive and a higher quality than things I can find at Target, Marshalls, TJ Max, Bed Bath & Beyond, and especially "gourmet kitchen stores".

They're a fantastic resource.
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You're welcome. I'm glad the research was helpful to you. I don't agree with everything the author says but I do have to give him credit for thoroughness. Alton Brown recently came out with a book on this and only skimmed the surface. Sam (the author) really gets down to brass tacks.

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