Cookware / Griddle for Teppanyaki

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Hello everyone, 

I just got engaged to my fiance and we've been going through the registry process to add all the stuff we think we would need one day and I have been having the hardest time trying to figure out a good alternative for a teppanyaki grill (mainly for hibachi and yaki soba, omurice, etc) but I can't seem to find reviews on any of the ones I have seen on Macys or Bed Bath and Beyond.

I would love to one day have a built in teppanyaki grill in the counter, but since they are so expensive I was wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations for what to use in the meantime for a flat top griddle (electric or 2-4 burner) to use at home that will suffice. 

I saw All-Clad's electric griddle, but since it's non-stick, it worries me that it will wear away and I have no idea which other ones would be good. 
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How are you? Congratulations on your engagement.

You may have done this, but have you researched induction griddle. I'm assuming you will need the heay source, but that would give you more choices for the griddle. Not sure on this name Max Burton?
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I will absolutely have a gas burner stovetop (can't deal with electric ones) so the griddles you listed look great, I just have to make sure they will fit properly (it says covers 2 burners on a 3 burner stove and that kind of made me curious as to what it meant. I wasn't sure if having the griddle to put over the burners would be better or to buy an electric griddle that you'd plug in to use .....for space purposes and realism as I'd mostly be cooking only for my fiance and I but on the rare occasion would definitely like to host a hibachi or teppanyaki night at my house.

The first one looks closest to what I would have imagined for a griddle, though not sure how big it will actually be in person, and the second one would be awesome for an outdoor grill, when we eventually one. The third one could work but I could see a lot of the long noodles falling off of the side while i cook. 
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