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    Hi everybody,

    My name is Natasha and I love cooking and baking. I want to be a pastry chef but I was wondering how its like working in a kitchen? Is it hard? easy? fast pace? slow pace? Going at your own pace? I'm very excited when I start my cooking classes and nervous so I was hoping I can get some pointers too. Thank you!
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    Cook At Home
    Hello Tasha and welcome to Chef Talk. What do you enjoy cooking and baking? Is there someone who is your inspiration? 

    I'm a home cook and I love baking, too. Since I've been part of Chef Talk I've gotten so much more confident in my abilities because I know I can come here to ask questions and read to find out more. We home cooks can read in the Professionals' forums, but we mustn't post there; we can post in the General forums, though. Many of the pros hang out there, answer questions and take part in the General forum discussions as well. 

    We've been here over a dozen years, so there's a lot of information here! Use the search tool to look for older threads. They may have answers to some of your more general questions. The Culinary Students' forum may have some of the information you're seeking about school, too. You might even find a time that's not very busy in a bakery or restaurant and ask to speak with one of the pastry chefs. Sometimes you'll find people who will be very helpful if you ask and are considerate of their schedules. 

    We hope you'll make Chef Talk part of your education, and that you'll visit often to learn and participate here.

    Welcome, and good luck!