Cooking with Tomatillos

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We've been growing tomatillos for several years now, but I've not been satisfied with my experiences of cooking with them. All of the recipes I've tried have produced an unpleasant, excessively tart result, unlike the tomatillo dishes I have had at Mexican restaurants or from prepared products. This has been consistent enough that I am convinced there is something wrong, but I don't know what. Any ideas or advice?   
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Without knowing how and what you are preparing (other than tomatillos) it is pretty hard to guess or give suggestions. More info, such as name of dishes and procedures used, would be helpful to those trying to help.
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I too, grow and can tomatillos.

I understand what you are talking about.

I make salsa, soups, and sauces from them here on our farm.

I always add a bit of lemon juice and small pinch of sugar for my sauces made with them.

For soups and salsa, I also add regular tomatoes mixed with them for the reason you state.

Tomatillos also have a different texture when cooked then do regular tomatoes.
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We use a lot of tomatillos in our area. They are a staple. It's a pretty well known fact that once the tomatillos get larger then oh maybe a small handball or just a bit bigger then a golf ball, it's anybodies guess on the flavor, they can get sour, bitter, biting. When I'm at the farmers market here you can see the vendors taking all the large ones out.
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