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I just had a discussion with a vegan friend. She was asking me about how it must be cruel to cook meat and fish. After a long drawn out conversation I finally said this to her:
I am a cook. For me it is the path I chose. So I must honor all that comes across my path.
I have to show that love and respect for all I touch, plant and animal and schmoo (the name of my bread culture that lives in its' own bus tub).
I never knew it in life? But it is up to me to give it a great funeral.
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Most people don't know this but Vegan is actually an old Native American word that means bad hunter. To each his or her own. I don't care how people choose to eat, that's a personal decision. I do agree that it is our responsibility to respect all food that comes across our cutting boards. That's just being a good steward and representative of our industry.
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This is an important message to express to any other cook you see casually burn a chicken breast and throw it away during service without a second thought. Think of all the sunlight and time it took to grow the plants to feed and raise a living chicken who in turn required even more feed and water and time so we could just waste it in a single second of negligence during a busy service. I'm pretty sure this is Thomas Keller's rhetoric.
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vegan (n.)
1944, from vegetable (n.) + -an; coined by English vegetarian Donald Watson (1910-2005) to distinguish those who abstain from all animal products (eggs, cheese, etc.) from those who merely refuse to eat the animals
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When the vegans and vegetarians start to dominate the conversation, I point to their teeth and ask them why do you think they're shaped that way? Why don't we chew side to side like goats and cows do?
The conversation usually turns to the weather.......
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The other day while working the register, a woman complained the decaf coffee had hazelnut flavor. She couldn't drink it because of the sugar in the hazelnut flavoring. (There isn't any). I told her I would have someone fix it as soon as possible but it wouldn't be right away. She returned to the register with a soda.
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I once had a woman half way through wolfing down one of our gigantic extra chew (high protein) bread flower tell me she had Celiac's but she had to cheat sometimes. I'm like.... uhhhhhh.

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