Cooking the starch flavor out

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I am testing a butterscotch pudding recipe and I love the flavor except for a lingering starch flavor/texture I get at the end.  I remade it today and stirred it at a simmer for 2 1/2 minutes, but I still notice the starch.  The ratio of starch seems fine, because it isn't as thick as pastry cream.  What am I missing?  2 1/2 minutes at a simmer should be long enough.
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I became a huge fan of the blog prolly a decade ago .
The author is a huge fan of butterscotch and as I am kinda partial to it as well I saved the blog to my favorites.
Well I never got around to making it but the recipe is still there.
Maybe she she shares some sort of magical trix lol.

Currently on my IPad and am hopeless when I try to post a link but let me know and I will gladly try a cut and paste.


OT but is that a wedding dress I see on Lauren?

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