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I couldn't get to sleep last night so I had an idea to get your brains working. I have a couple of test ideas so far. You are going to play Chef detective and find Waldo so to speak. The recipes and dishes that will be used are basic classic presentations, not how Chef Michel Le Grande Tete would do it at his latest fusion restaurant, but how most people would remember or recognize the dish. Let's make it easy to start.
Here is the first test.

You have been hired to help do some catering for a client who wants to do a traditional Hawaiian Luau.

Here is the menu items you are to prepare:

Island Chicken Brochettes with Pineapple Salsa
served over Pineapple Salsa infused rice.
Lomi Lomi

Here are the basic recipes: (quantities are unimportant for this exercise)
Boneless skinless chicken breast cut into 1" cubes
Red bell peppers seeded and cut into 1" squares also cut some into a brunoise for the salsa
fresh whole pineapple peeled and cut. Some into 1" cubes for the brochettes and chop the rest finely
Jalapenos seeded and minced
Green onion tops finely minced
fresh ginger minced
fresh cilantro minced

Cube meat, red bell pepper, and Pineapple. Put onto skewers, set in large flat pan.
Mix remaining ingredients for salsa, season to taste. Pour over brochettes. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Remove from salsa next day and grill brochettes.

Cook rice using salsa as part of the liquid. Serve Brochettes over rice.

Lomi Lomi
Mahi Mahi filets cut into cubes
sugar, salt
Fresh Dill
rice wine vinegar
olive oil
Mixed wild greens
Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and serve in mounds on top of salad

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to find out what, if anything is wrong with this menu, methods or the items. Or will your items come out just fine.
This message should self destruct in 5 seconds. Otherwise....
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Two quick notes,

1) if you marinate your chicken with the pinapple over night the enzimes and acids in the pineapple will break down the protien structure in the chicken and turn the chicken into mush.

2) you have not cured the mahi, or at least detaied it.
Also salmon is the classic fish used
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I love this game!

The salsa ingredients added to the rice liquid would be total mush by the time the rice is done!!
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Mich, you'll like the next one. It has a question (though simple) just for you.
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OMG guys!!! :eek:

Bond took the new year seriously !!!


You look fine when you cook James
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it says to marinate the chicken brochettes in the salsa. First of all CC is right, the pineapple will break down the chicken, and secondly you would not be able to serve the salsa as a condiment the next day after having raw chicken soaking in it, you would have to cook it, there for turning it into a compote or chutney. although I think with all the liquid the chicken would leave in the marinade, if you did cook it, the protein would coagulate and ruin it.
For the Lomi Lomi, I would make a sort of carpaccio out of the mahi, then I would make a vinaigrette from the rest of the ingredients (except the greens). To serve, I would plate up the greens, lay the fish over top, and drizzle with the vinaigrette.
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CoolJ: do you know that your avatar dances in perfect rythm to Billy Idol's 'White Wedding'?

Sorry, I had to share.... (it's on the radio right now)

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Boy, what I lose out on by waiting until so late in the day to look here!

All I can add is this guess: DILL ?!?!?!? I mean, when did Norwegian missionaries get there?? (Although I could be wrong...) And, what, no poi, no roast pig? That's no fun. Well maybe it's still fun without the poi, although you can make some fabulous stuff with taro. (Try deep-frying julienne taro. Yum!)

Thanks, Chrose, can't wait for the next test!
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Hey, I new most of this stuff:) I'd better hang out here more often. I think you all are rubbing off on me. Hopefully...
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Took me a while to find this first test...

Another good reason to take notes. Ive never even heard of some of these dishes....Lomi Lomi? :confused:
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