Cooking temperature effect on sponge cake

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 HI, we've just moved house and have a different cooker. My sponge cakes aren't rising evenly, they are domed. I used to have a cooking theory book that explained the effect of temp. on the way a sponge rises, but I no longer have the book. Does anyone know whether I need to raise or lower the temp to get an even rise?
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Since I do not know all the particulars I offer this and hope it helps.

The Oven should be around 400 for a typical cake or ring pan measuring 10x2 inches. the deeper the pan and wider your pan, the lower you should have the temperature.

The other side is if you are baking a 1/4 inch roulade the oven should be at 425 or it will dry out as it bakes and be difficult or imposssible to roll.

to test a sponge for doneness ( yeah I know you know however I am only trying to help) gently press down in the center for doneness, the sponge should spring back and not leave any indentation.

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