Cooking seafood for seafood pie

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Hi everyone

Hope you may help.  I have added Seafood Pie to my dinner party menu but after having a test run last night I'm starting to have doubts.  It turned out disastrous!

I have a puff pastry top (no bottom) and a mornay sauce with salmon scallops squid prawns and mussels.  All was overcooked and tough.  I admit I did lightly saute the seafood first just to seal in the juices but when I put it in the oven to cook the pastry it all became over cooked. Could anyone offer a solution please?
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Cook he top by itself, cook each seafood separately, combine in the serving dish and top with the precooked crust. Place the puff pastry on parchment to cook it, cut first to the right size for each serving.
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I would go with Mary's suggestion. You don't sauté seafood to seal in the juices and then cook it a second time. Seafood is cooked once. 

So when you add it to the mornay sauce and top it with the puff, serve it right away. A little undercooked would be even better as the hot mornay sauce will cook it even as it heads to the table. 
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Thank you for your tips chefwriter and MaryB. As soon as I put it into practice I'll take a photo and submit so you can see how they turn out.

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