Cooking range suggestions - all electric :(

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I need a new range and really want something great (Viking, Wolf, Blue Star, Thermador, etc, etc) BUT very sadly, there is no gas in the township where I live. In order to have gas, I would have to have a very large underground container in my backyard which would have to be refilled regularly. I am just not able to do this, so that leaves me at having to buy an all electric oven/range. Is there anything decent in a 48" (approximately) sized range/over that is all electric? I haven't been able to find anything. Please help!


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I would look at an induction range, like Viking, Electrolux, or GE Profile. Most of them are only made in 36", but you will be far happier than you will with an electric radiant range. Induction will give you the responsiveness of gas but is much more energy efficient.  Be aware that most require a 50-55 amp circuit, so you may need to do some rewiring. An induction cooktop and separate wall ovens will give you more options but require some renovation.

More information about induction here:


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Quartz halogen are also impressive, but induction has a lot going for it as well.

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