Cooking Q : Pasta Cooking and Storing.

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by johnsonpys90, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Hi, I'm new here. Nice to meet you all. :)

    I'm preparing to start a new small food business, mainly selling Pasta-related dishes.

    My working hours range around 9am ~ 4pm, providing late breakfast to lunch to tea.

    The environment is a fast-paced environment, thus I have to cook the food fast.

    So here's my question which I need advice from all experienced people here. (below)

    I'm thinking of pre-cooking pasta, so that when customers order them, it's easier to re-cook (takes shorter time to boil in salty water) compared to cooking from scratch, thus shortens waiting time. To explain in detail, it means to first cook the pasta till it's soft, but not soft enough to be eaten. Then drain and rinse it and leave it in a tupperware to cover, with some olive oil drizzle. Then when customers come and order, I'll just take the pre-cooked pasta and drop them into the boiling salty water for a few mins till it's al dente, then scoop it up, mix a little olive oil in a big bowl, then serve with topping sauce. (i.e. bolognese sauce) Is this advisable or not advisable? Are there any other better methods?

    Thank you for your time and sharing, really appreciate it.

    God bless all. :)
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    Sounds good. This is what many restaurants do in the first place. The only thing I could add would be to pre-portion your pasta and place them in small "baggies" to insure proper portioning.