Cooking Lobster Tails in a steam assisted oven.

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I have a steam assisted oven and was wandering what would give me the best results for 1 1/2 pound lobster tails:

Baking a lobster tail in a hot oven 400 degrees with steam or;

Baking a lobster tail in a warm oven 250 degrees with steam.

Either way cooked to an internal temperature of 140 degrees.

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A 24 ounce lobster TAIL?

Wow...that's enormous.

Please forgive me but I have never seen a tail that large in my career.

I would think roasting low and slow would be the way to go for this.

At that size, it could possible be very tough and chewy, if cooked at to high a heat.

Forget the steam.

If I may also interject a comment about cooking temperatures and seafood.

Fish and seafood cooked to 135 degrees and above is overcooked.

I understand that US food and drug administrations, stance on this but fish and seafood cooked to this temperature really tastes lousy.
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