Cooking Lima Beans

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We've grown our own Lima beans for several years now and loved them. However, when I follow a recipe that includes Limas (like Succotash, for example), I find that I need to cook our homegrown  Lima  beans two to three times longer than the frozen Lima beans called for in the recipe if I want them tender, not crunchy. I know it's not simply the freezing of the Limas that does it as the need for a longer cooking time  persists even with our homegrown Lima Beans that I freeze for the winter. I've looked through several cookbooks for clues, but to no avail. Any thoughts?
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My "guess" is that the commercially frozen Lima beans have been blanched longer that your "home processed" Lima beans.

Especially where Lima beans are packages with other frozen vegetables, I'm fairly certain that they are blanched to require the SAME cooking time as the other vegetables.
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I'd say you are right, Pete. I've always felt that frozen limas were at least partially pre-cooked, just from the way they handle.

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