Cooking is the art of seasoning

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I'm helping a friend study for his CEC.

At this point in his research he is studying the flavoring world as it excisted in the Arab culinary world.

To the Arabs "fragrances" where the noblest of all food additives.
Things like rosewater, saffron, cinnamon, galanga and so one were certianly on the list of flavorings, but..what else and how did they apply these things to there cuisine?

How was musk or amber used? or were they to expensive?
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Although not entirely dedicated to Arab fare, Jeff Smith's Keep the Feast deals with many desert peoples' foods and the like.
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Thank you Athenaues!!!

I was hoping you may be able to help me with this one.

Also, have you heard that the fat from from a sheeps tail was used for frying foods in Arab cooking, the oil is so strong that it masked off flavors?

TIA for your help
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Oh yes I have written a post in Olive Tree World about ghee in the question of the origin of wok!
Thanks for reminding me that cc I will post this here as well :)
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