Cooking interview!!

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I have a interview and I have to use the items given to me . I have salmon and potatoes and swiss chard anyone have any ideas what I should make with the potatoes???
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It struck me funny Pat Pat referred to Ramsey. That was my first thought as well but for a different video. In one of his British Kitchen Nightmare episodes, ( I think it was the SandGate Hotel) he returns from the market with fresh mackerel and potatoes and challenges the two cooks to come up with something. What he wanted to see was a potato soup as a starter with something like grilled mackerel over warm potato salad as a main dish. Both came up with the entree but neither thought of soup as a first course. His point was that with just those items and a quick dessert the restaurant could offer a fast three course lunch for 20 quid. (However much that is in dollars, I don't know).
Anyway, I guess I'd suggest something similar, simple and unfussy but tasty and easy to plate.
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I always refer to him as an example for other people. I find that he struck the perfect balance between professional and amateur and anyone can benefit from him :)

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