Cooking instead of Law school?

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Hello all!!!!

My name is Ruben. Currently I am finishing my first year of law school at UNLV's Boyd School of Law. I am married with no children. Originally, we are both from southern CA (me from Orange County and my wife from LA county).

I have always wanted to be a chef, but it wasn't until recently that my interest has come to a head again. Le Cordon Bleu is opening a new school here in the Vegas area (Summerlin) and I went to their open house and became exicted!

So now I am doing my final research to see if becoming a chef is the direction for me.

See you all on the message boards!
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Hi Ruben, and welcome to Chef Talk. I guess you have some decisions to make. This site can connect you with some great people with whom you can talk and explore the culinary field. Don't miss the culinary students' forum and all our great archives. If you check out the search function, you can look for topics of particular interest to you.

Don't miss the great articles at the main area, too. There's one in particular about cooking school that you shouldn't miss.


P.S.- I took the LSAT many years ago, and learned, despite a decent score, that law school wasn't for me at all.
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