Cooking for private parties

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My bar/grill has started booking private parties of 40-80 people to help pickup sales for the winter. My kitchen is fairly small with a flat top, small grill, two fryers, and two convection ovens. What are some items that would be fairly easy and cost efficient to offer. Thanks for any input!
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So many questions-

Are you also serving the regular menu?

How much space do you have for prep/storage?

How sophisticated are the people helping and how are you staffed?

What is your price point?

What style of food do you already serve?

OK. There are 5 easy questions.

Somebody can ask the next 5.

The more info you share the more concise the answers you'll receive.

good luck!

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When they booked how did you sell it?
Price points?
Stationary verses passed
Plate food, fork food or finger food?
Time of events?
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I had the same size kitchen and ran a dining room serve while catering three banquets. There's nothing you can't do in a kitchen that size.
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