cooking fish in large batches

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Hi! I was wondering if anyone had tips on cooking fish, from salmon to flounder,  in large batches. Typically I like searing, grilling or blackening salmon and plating it immediately.  What is the best way to cook it so that it can hold on a buffet and still have flavor/a crust?  I guess I am just worried about it getting too watery (if its held in a sauce or broth) or just plain dry.  
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Fish and a buffet is a compromise. That lovely crisp skin that you spend time making in a pan is not gonna keep...I would cook salmon pink, sit it on top of little bit of sauce skin side down. I used to make chunky tomato , sliced onion and fennel sauce and have salmon sit on top of it so customers can get their bit of fish and scoop some sauce with it as well.
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I worked in a high end banqueting kitchen for a year. Best received fish dish we did was Hake, confit in a flavoured butter. Flavouring wise used anything from lemon, dill, lemon thyme, seaweed, wild garlic depending on event and season. Used for both starters and mains dishes, ranging anywhere from 150 to 500 covers.

The butter protects the fish and makes it very decadent. Imparts flavour excellently and easy to cook.

Obviously a very rich dish and expensive in larger quantities so no idea if it's the sort of thing you're interested in. Hopefully it helps with ideas though.

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