Cooking Fails

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There's a food court chain in Singapore called Wok Hey. The make fried rice and noodles. Youtube channel dancingbacon posts videos from there frequently. It's an interesting setup. The boxes have premeasured rice or noodles. The customer picks out addins. These get measured by sized spoons. The add ins go in the box or a separate bowl if they need separate cooking.

The cooking station has pots of oil, seasoning, green onion and so on with measuring ladles.

Then it's cooked to order. The chefs seem to have good training for a food court experience. The toss into the ladle atte end to load the box is a cool skill.

Love dancing bacons! It's been our savior while quarantining.
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well for me it has always been pupusas, no matter what I do I always fuck em up. they always end up dry and crumbly. love em and hate em.
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Stuffed omelette
Either they get stuck to the pan or the break....
Generally I end up with scrambled eggs.
Maybe I have to invest in a teflon pan?

Yes by all means go non-stick, or maybe very well seasoned carbon. Youtube has vids showing the "alleged" non-stick capabilities of polished stainless.

Once my eggs set to a custardy texture and have the skin, I dump in the stuff stuff, tilt the pan just right and start the omelet to rolling itself up, and right out of the pan and onto the plate. That our I'll get it to tube shape first, then cut it open and fill.

Second way works nice if you are just adding something like diced tomato, peppers, and maybe a bit of cheese. First way I use with my other 2 favorite fills, lightly cooked spinich and feta, or sauteed summer squash with onions and ground corriander.
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Won't say anything about a particular dish. But the most epic fail I ever had was... egg-nog. The recipe said to mix the eggs in with heated milk. When I added the eggs directly to the heating milk all I got was scrambled eggs with bourbon. Ouch.
Lesson learned. Sometimes it's better not to try to make something if you haven't had enough sleep.
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