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    So Im trying to put things in perspective here,past present and for the future perhaps.I have been cooking professionally for roughly 7 years and finally started culinary school(first week just passed)and I have been thinking about this for sometime.

    On a side note,I have been witnessing ego in kitchens but witnessing the students egos that are farther along in the program(most have no experience prior)seem to amaze me with these kids attitude/demeanor.(thats another thread)anyways....

    I really am just looking for assurance that even though that I havent been working in "fine dining" previously or the strict discipline with driven Chefs,but really,is my past experience now mostly irrelevant after I graduate?After completing my first week,I often feel like I have no experience because Im in class working in groups mind you,with people that dont have any experience.Theres 2 ways i feel I should go about dealing with it,one way is to be a leader(but I dont want to give the impression to the instructors or students of being controlling)or the other of just sitting back,ask questions,do as Im told and stay out of the "radar" sort of speak.I mean I feel like my character shouldnt be thrown into factor while attending school being that its my education and how I use the information post graduation.

    I guess you can say thats a 2 part question/concerns how Im feeling with this new experience.