Cooking cube bacon.

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I looking to add some cube bacon to a chilI I make. My question is. How long should I brown the bacon before I add it to the chili. I don't want it to be to crispy in the chili. Should I cook it just until it starts to brown up? Our should be cooked to a dark brown?



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It won't be crispy in chili no matter what you do
 MK is right, even if you cook it until crispy once you add it back into the chili and let it cook a while it will soften up.  One of the reasons you might want to cook until it is, at least, pretty crispy is the fact that by doing so you will be rending most of the fat out of it.  If you don't do it in the initial frying of the bacon then a lot of that fat will render out in your chili which will mean a lot of skimming, for you, to remove the fat that renders out into your chili.
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I would use the crispy bacon cubes as a garnish.  That would be like/img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif the ultimate crouton.  
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