Cooking Class Names - Need Ideas

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What are some good names (catchy/cute) for a cooking class? I have formal Italian training but cook all types of foods and desserts. I am going to be teaching a simple cooking class on a military base. Thanks! I was thinking of Taylor Made Cooking (my name is T. Taylor)
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taylor made sounds ok. just don't forget about those taylor soft serve machine, everyone is gonna show up looking for a doubledip with sprinkles.

what styles of cooking do you do? American, mexican, asian, family style mixes?

Mrs.T's Cook Class
MrsT Classic American/Indo/Asiatic/Mexi class
Get Cooking with Class

Cube (course with this one you need a 50's retro future kitchen in bright base colors and shiny stainless steel with original Star Trek like consoles with levers and flashing buttons, or a cube shaped kitchen which ever is easiest)
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