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Hi everyone

Im needing some help. Im trying to put together some entertainment for an upcoming party and I was hoping you could assist, as Im really out of my league. 

Im looking for a bunch of quick and easy food or cooking games that work for an all ages party. Ideally these games are fun to play and watch.

I recently heard of a great challenge that sees competitors race to seperate egg whites and then whisk them up till they firmed enough so they wouldnt fall out of the bowl when it is held upside down. They then have to hold the bowl upside down for 10 seconds. Whoever could do this to their eggs whites the quickest is the winner.  

I had no idea something like was possible, but think it sounds fun and quiet watchable for an audience member. Im looking for other games like this one or any other game that require actual cooking. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

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Hi Vista,

This is probably a game for adults. See who can whip up the fastest cooked 3 egg omelette, make up  a chart with all the times in it.

For younger ones - you can judge who can play by age & other factors.  Who can get the longest peel off an apple.

Make up some dough balls and have a shot put competition in the yard ( or just use round fruits).  Longest toss wins.
Toast up some bread and do a discus comp.  Whilst these 2 don't involve cooking very much, they could be fun.

Just some thoughts....DC
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