cooking but not for eating

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Aloe vera...about 10 of the thickest, darkest green leaves. The bigger the better. Spikes removed and cut up roughly into a cup of olive oil or coconut oil. 

Heat gently till all the goodness has left the leaves and they are dark. takes about an hour. Strain and use as body lotion. (not in the the sun tho, 'cos you'll likely fry.

My Indian friend Suman gave me this recipe for body lotion, she swears by it and i was wondering if you have any other recipes, using plants, veges,regular cooking ingredients, that are not for eating...

...I know there's an egg white and oatmeal recipe for a face pack and i used a recipe for getting rid of greenfly using garlic, chillies, oil and washing up liquid. Wish i cd remember the measurements.

Suman is Hindu and has an holistic approach to her familys' balanced health and well-being. I know there must be a mutitude of food related remedies she could share with me. I look forward to hearing yours.
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