cooking and holding in electric roaster

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My situation is that I am cooking chicken breast for 200 for my sisters wedding, but of course I want to be at the wedding.  I will be cooking it in electric roasters so I am concerned about timing it just right.  There will be a fairly thick sauce.  I am not sure if it will take longer to cook because of the amount of food in the roaster?  I have enough roasters that I don't have to over stuff them too much, but the chicken will not be in a single layer.  I have about 2 1/2 hours between my last moment with the food before the wedding and service time.  Do I need to worry about drying out or the opposite, sloppily over done?  or worse, some done and others underdone? thanks for any help.


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Oooh this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Chicken breast will get very mushy after holding that long.  Any attempt to serve it will result in the breast falling apart.

Is it too late to change the menu?  Is it a buffet, are you plating the chicken breast?

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