Cooking according to the Seasons

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Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone knew a web site that lists what produce is in season.

Thank you!
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Issac, produce is different in various parts of the country what each farm grows within 100 miles of St. Louis varies dramatically by what soil type or weather they experience....or what they put in the ground.I send a listing of produce to the daily paper every week so that they will print what is coming to market. If you wanna check out my website and see what St. Louis chefs are making with market (locally grown produce) that will give \you a huge hint as to what is under Clayton Farmers Market. Kinda funny, I went to market last week prepared to make swiss chard raviloi for the cooking demo and not a soul had it on the market if ANYONE other than a farmer kknows what is coming in fresh I do.....I go out to farms,
I am the first at the market and the last to leave...many weeks I call around to see what people have available. I guess what I am saying is that you may not know exactly what is locally grown....but improvisation is a blast.


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A good reference is the book "Culinary Artistry". It has a number of lists, one of which is the traditional seasons for many foods.
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Isaac, believe it or not, but you can just ask your vendors! That is, if you trust them. ;) Or if they send you regular faxes with prices, you may notice that some items get cheaper -- usually because they are in season and therefore more readily available.

Which is just my way of saying, There's got to be an answer, but I don't know what it is. :lol:
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