Cooking a three course dinner with kids

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    Hi All, 

    I teach piano and every so often, I hold events that allow for the children to gather and have fun. I'm not a big fan of music recitals - they go on for hours and hours, parents come to watch their children perform for ten minutes and then have to endure a whole few other hours of children performing for hours. I want to have a dinner and music concert gathering with a few of the children that I teach. 

    I intend to have the children set up the table, make the menu look fancy and cook the food. I have cooked with children before, but most of the time it is one on one. 

    This time, I want to have a three course dinner party, and have five children help out. So far, the menu that I have etched in my head is: 

    1. Sourdough bread topped with peach relish, vintage cheddar and ham

    2. Lasagna with pasta dough, Bolognese, pasta and bechamel made from scratch 

    3. Frozen eton mess (Ramsay's eton mess bomb) 

    I will have my boyfriend and maybe another adult help out. 

    I want the menu to be easy to prepare and cook, allowing children to participate and also child-friendly in taste (e.g. I know kids dont generally like fish, tomatoes, olives, etc). 

    I'd love to get some feedback and I am open to having the menu changed, this is just a draft. 
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    Why are you having a three course dinner party and having kids help out?  What's the point, is this an informal recital again?  And if so, shouldn't the kids be focusing on what they will play?
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    may I ask how old the kids are? what do they themselves think of the whole idea? have you asked their opinions? 

    did you make the menu together, which would be a nice idea because then they are more motivated to help out….

    not all kids like to help in the kitchen...

    (having two kids myself now grown up 22 and 19 but I remember those times so trying to think along…)